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The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial is a celebrity favorite treatment that also known as the “red carpet facial.” Made famous by Madonna, the oxygen facial is a celebrity favorite, especially popular with actors right before they have to appear on HD cameras or at red carpet events.

Dr. Chow

Oxygen Facial Considerations

During your Oxygen Facial consultation with Dr. Jen Chow, he will answer questions you may have about the procedure or treatment and will discuss any safety concerns related to the surgery.

What Is the Oxygen Facial?

The oxygen facial consists of a painless, non-invasive application of pure oxygen, vitamins, moisturizer and anti-oxidants to the skin through an airbrush. In combination with a mask containing hyaluronic acid, the oxygen facial achieves a great number of beauty benefits. This oxygen facial treatment makes your skin a lot smoother and softer, which makes it a perfect foundation for applying make-up. The pure oxygen that’s applied to your skin increases its absorption of nutrients and anti-oxidants, as well as hyaluronic acid. The application of a hyaluronic acid solution is part of the oxygen facial, and increases moisture absorption of your skin. All these things lead to a skin that’s plumper and less wrinkly, making you look younger and your complexion brighter.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The oxygen facial is highly recommended for people in their 20s who want to maintain a vibrant and youthful face. Those who are living a stressful lifestyle will also benefit from this procedure.

If you’ve had a stressful week and have a big event coming up, you can rejuvenate your skin with an oxygen facial.

Your Oxygen Facial Consultation

Any concerns and questions about the oxygen facial can be answered during your informative consultation at La Bella Laser & Slimming. A treatment plan will be designed at this time to provide the best results for your skin.

The Oxygen Facial Treatment Session

The treatment session usually lasts around 30 minutes to 1 hour. To start, the face will be cleansed and exfoliated. After that, a wand will be used to deliver a high-pressure oxygen stream on the target skin areas. This will be followed by application of hyaluronic-acid products.

A soothing mask will be placed to calm the skin of the patient. The facial will end with a skin massage using cream and lotion for long-lasting results.


There is no downtime or recovery period needed after an oxygen facial. The patient can resume normal activities right after the treatment. However, the patient is advised to avoid direct exposure to the sun, dirt, and smoke for a time.

It is also recommended not to perform one’s normal skincare routine on the first day unless approved by the skincare professional. Applying bleach or a chemical peel on the skin is strongly discouraged for the first week.

Oxygen Facial Cost

The cost of the oxygen facial may vary depending on the products applied during it. In most cases, the price of this facial will not be covered by health insurance unless it is being used as a treatment for skin conditions.

Get in Touch

For inquiries about the oxygen facial, Arcadia patients can visit La Bella Laser & Slimming. Contact us today for your consultation!

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