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The aging process is something that affects everyone, but with the help of Exosome, age signs like fine lines and wrinkles can be addressed. This product line is perfect for patients who want skin that looks more nourished and youthful. To learn more about Exosome, Arcadia patients can reach out to La Bella Laser & Slimming.

What Is Exosome?

Exosome is a product line that includes BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complex and BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complex+. The former is meant to be used to restore the youthful look of the patient’s face, while the latter can also be used on the scalp.

Both products are formulated using exosomes, which are nanoparticles that contain a number of key growth factors. Exosomes improve communication between cells and the transfer of essential materials. This results in optimized regeneration and production of healthy cells, leading to healthier skin, improved hydration and skin texture, and a nourished scalp.

Exosome products can address skin texture issues, irritation, redness, certain skin lesions, oversized pores, certain scars, and age-related pigmentation. They can also reduce hair loss and improve the look and feel of hair.

Young woman with healthy skin and scalpGood Candidates for Exosome Treatment

Patients who want to restore skin and scalp health in order to achieve a more youthful appearance are ideal candidates for Exosome products and treatments. Good candidates have realistic expectations and an optimistic outlook on life.

To get the most out of these products and treatments, it’s recommended that patients limit lifestyle habits that negatively affect skin health, such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

Your Consultation

To start your Exosome treatment, you will need to schedule a consultation at La Bella Laser & Slimming. During your personalized consultation, you will discuss your aesthetic goals with an experienced professional. They will examine the affected areas and look over your medical history.

Your skincare professional will explain Exosome products and their ingredients in detail, as well as how they will be able to help you look and feel younger. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Your Exosome Treatment Session

Exosome products are applied by our skincare experts in a simple and relaxing treatment session. They can also be included as part of our other treatment options to improve their benefits. Examples include microneedling, chemical peels, and laser treatments.

After Your Exosome Treatment Session

There is no recovery period or downtime involved when using Exosome products. They can be applied in mere minutes, and patients can simply enjoy the benefits afterwards. When exosomes are utilized in combination with other treatments, recovery and aftercare directions will vary.

How Much Do Exosome Treatments Cost?

The cost of Exosome treatments will depend on which Exosome product is utilized. If the products will be part of a treatment package, this can affect the overall price. Cost can be discussed during your consultation.

Contact Us for Your Exosome Consultation

Patients can learn more about the many benefits of Exosome in Arcadia by contacting La Bella Laser & Slimming. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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