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Millions of women suffer from vaginal irregularities and structural changes due to childbirth, age, or a variety of other reasons that diminish their confidence and self-esteem. Knowingly or unknowingly, this may put a strain on marital relations. Embarrassed, frustrated, and sad, they are often too uncomfortable to speak up.

Loss of elasticity and strength in vaginal tissue occurs for number of reasons including: aging, smoking, obesity, childbirth, hysterectomy and surgery.

These events replace the skin’s natural collagen with fibers that do not recoil or stretch properly.

Dr. Chow

FemiLift Vaginal Rejuvenation Considerations

During your FemiLift Vaginal Rejuvenation consultation with Dr. Jen Chow, he will answer questions you may have about the procedure or treatment and will discuss any safety concerns related to the surgery.

About FemiLift Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

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Femilift is a Non-Surgical Laser-Assisted procedure designed to improve vaginal irregularities through vaporization and thermal effect using a CO2 Laser. The innovative Femilift procedure is done in office using a novel, minimally invasive technology that requires no post procedure down time. Patients report a near-immediate return to activity, including sexual intercourse.

As women age, the skin of vagina loses its elasticity and vitality as collagen fibers become fatigued. Just as cosmetic procedures have been used for decades to improve facial skin and to restore its youthfulness, Non-Surgical vaginal tightening with Femilift improves the health and vitality of vaginal tissue.

About The Procedure

Vaginal Tightening with Femilift is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment to restore and to restructure vaginal tissue without the use of anesthetic or numbing creams.

Femilift is a laser treatment that utilizes a controlled laser beam, applying concentrated thermal heating to the inner layers or vaginal tissue. The heat induces contraction of collagen and elastin and allows for long-term change by stimulating regeneration of these important proteins. The accuracy of the procedure allows total control over the movement and intensity of the laser to ensure maximum comfort for every patient.

Femilift is a 15-minute procedure that can be performed on your lunch break. Most patients report no pain and require no downtime after the procedure. Treatments are scheduled at two-or four-week intervals, and most patients start seeing the benefits just one or two treatments.

Good Candidates for Femilift

Patients interested in revitalizing their vaginal area for both aesthetic and functional reasons are ideal candidates for Femilift. If you would like to avoid surgical vaginal rejuvenation, this may be an excellent option for you.

It is important to have realistic expectations in terms of the results that this procedure can provide. Patients who are currently undergoing radical treatments for any debilitating health conditions would be advised to wait for full recovery before considering Femilift.

Your Consultation

A consultation will help you get the most out of your Femilift treatment. This will allow you to learn more about what the treatment involves from a skilled aesthetic professional. You will find out which steps you’ll need to take to prepare for the treatment.

During the consultation, questions will be asked regarding your medical history, including past procedures and allergies. The consultation is the perfect time to voice any concerns, so be sure to ask any questions you may have.

Preparing for your Procedure

The Femilift procedure is approximately 15 minutes, but patients can expect to spend 30-60 minutes in the office for the entire procedure. Before treatment, patients will have medical clearance from our medical practitioners. Patients to provide most recent normal Pap Smear report and negative pregnancy test result to qualify for Femilift.

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Real Patient Testimonials

I love La Bella Laser and Slimming! I have been coming here for years for various services both medical and spa. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. I feel very comfortable here and always feel better after my treatments. I’ve referred many friends over the years and have never received negative feedback.

Benefits of Femilift Vaginal tightening treatment

  • A minimally invasive and painless 15-minute treatment
  • No suggested recovery period
  • Enhanced muscle tone, strength and elasticity of vaginal tissues
  • Stronger sensation during intercourse
  • Better control over urinary incontinence

Vaginal tightening with Femilift requires no downtime, and patients can return to normal life immediately following the procedure. Femilift is the perfect alternative to extensive, invasive surgery to restore the youthful look and function of the vagina.

What to Expect After the Procedure

One of the main benefits of vaginal tightening with Femilift is the fact that there is no required downtime or recovery period after the procedure. Patients can return to work and daily life immediately. Sexual activity can be resume in 72 hours. Patients can return to normal exercise within 48 hours. With Femilift patients avoid the inconvenience of traditional surgical procedures but are still able to enjoy all the benefits that come from restoring vaginal tissue.

Choose Vaginal Tightening with Femilift

While most patients only require three treatments for optimal results, other may benefit from up to five treatments. Treatments are schedule two-four weeks apart.

After treatment, patients notice a marked decrease in recurrent infections, vaginal dryness and urinary stress incontinence. Long-term benefits of the procedure also include tightening and rejuvenation of vaginal tissues.


  • Why do I need FemiLift?

    Due to the aging process and childbirth, vaginal tissue can change leading to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms including pain, itching, and heaviness.

  • How would you describe the procedure?

    The procedure is performed by inserting a probe into the vagina with a 360 degree rotation capability.

    This probe delivers thermal energy while simultaneously being inserted.

  • How do I feel?

    Patients say they hardly feel anything and that it is comparable to having a pap smear.

  • How long does the treatment take?

    Each treatment takes approximately 10 minutes. We recommend 3 treatments every 4 weeks for optimal results.

  • Are there any side effects?

    Only good ones! Women should be prepared to experience increased vaginal sensation and pleasure following each treatment. Vaginal lubrication may improve and orgasms may become more intense. Associated risks are minimal. Some woman may experience a watery discharge or spotting for a day or two. Any concern will be discussed during your consultation.

  • Can I Still have the treatment if I am on antibiotics?

    Yes. This can be discussed during the consultation, as can any other concerns you might have regarding medications that could potentially affect the results of the treatment.

  • What do I need to prepare for the treatment?

    You are required to provide a recent normal pap smear report.

  • Will any form of contraception interfere with the results, such as pills or implant?

    No. The gentle laser energy used in the Femilift treatment is quite safe and will not affect any forms of contraception.

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