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“I saw the results immediately”

5 Star Rating - Written on December 15, 2020

I was eager to try the new Venus Freeze treatment, and decided to schedule it two days before a concert. And I must say, I love it! I saw the results immediately when I wore the dress I had bought a month before. The dress looked great, and I never felt better. Needless to say, I have bought more and am so excited and looking forward to each treatment! Thank you La Bella! They are the best!


“I noticed the immediate results”

5 Star Rating - Written on October 30, 2020

Even though I only had one Venus Freeze treatment, I noticed the immediate results. I had Venus Freeze done a day before I went to the outdoor day spa where everyone walks around in their bikinis. Venus gave me the confidence to put my bikini back on when two months ago I wouldn’t even think of it, as my stomach pouched out! This is the best thing out there for body slimming!


“The experience was much more than I was hoping for”

5 Star Rating - Written on September 21, 2020

So I found La Bella Laser & Slimming on Groupon offering a pretty good deal. I couldn’t pass it up. The experience was much more than I was hoping for. Totally surpassed any expectations! The first thing I noticed about La Bella was the cleanliness of their facility & professionalism of the estheticians. I was impressed in more ways than one. La Bella has great customer service as I was very well attended to. Lynn, their remarkable consulting manager, has an excellent background knowledge of every treatment La Bella has to offer. She will definitely recommend you the appropriate treatment your skin or body needs. I’ve been fortunate to have tried several of the treatments they have to offer such as, Parafango Body wraps, Venus Freeze, Ultra Lipo, HydroFacials, and Deep Tissue Massages. All of which I’m fully satisfied. La Bella is definitely a place I have added into my busy lifestyle. It has helped me relax and unwind to counter act those crazy work weeks. Thank you La Bella Laer & Slimming, see you soon!


“All of my friends notice that my skin glows and they said I looked years younger”

5 Star Rating - Written on July 17, 2020

I have done PRP, Micro-needling, HydraFacial, Skin Lightening peel and Botox at La Bella. My experience at La Bella has been wonderful. I have been to many different spas and no other place can compare to La Bella. First of all, you are greeted by the front desk ladies who are extremely friendly and polite; then you are being treated by professionals who make you feel comfortable and at ease. They constantly check to make sure you are doing fine. The results are amazing too. All of my friends notice that my skin glows and they said I looked years younger.
I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for medical spa treatments.


“I was a size 8, now I can fit dress size 4/5”

5 Star Rating - Written on June 10, 2020

My experiences here is the best. I got results after 5 treatments. The staff here are AMAZING!!! I always feel like a queen as soon as I walk in the door at La Bella Laser & Slimming. Each treatment is worth every dollar. Reenae and Elizabeth are the sweetest girls. They are patient with all my requests. Van and Mandy worked really hard on every details. I truly have the luxurious time here. I would show up 2-3 times a week and use the exercising machine and I lost 5 inches at my waist. I was a size 8 now I can fit dress size 4/5. I wish to continue with working on my body here for the rest of my life. Maybe I need to win the lottery first.


“In one month I lost 15 pounds”

5 Star Rating - Written on April 2, 2020

I want to say thank you to Lynn Hong for explaining and helping me understand how La Bella could help me with my weight loss. The way I found out about La Bella was my mom. She always drove by but never went in. So one day we went in and Carmen was so helpful and set us up with an appointment with Lynn. When I met Lynn I told her what I had been doing to try to lose weight, and how I wasn’t losing weight, and how it wasn’t that I wasn’t eating healthy or not working out, it’s just that my body needed a little help. After I told her what I had been through she understood me so well, she told me that Venus Freeze, Tri-Action, and i-Lipo would help me. She explained what they would do and how they would help me. Also how if I didn’t want to change the way I eat and didn’t wok out that I would still see a difference in my body. But if I really wanted to lose the weight faster and see it in my body, with working out and eating healthy I would see the results. So for 3 weeks I did all 3 of the things she told me to do and I still worked out and ate healthy. In one month I lost 15 pounds. I couldn’t believe it I was so happy. I took a before and after picture to show myself the hard work I put in. I even sent Lynn a picture of it so she could show people that it works, but in my opinion I think to really see results you have to work out and eat healthy. I’m halfway done with my sessions and I’m still losing weight. All I wanted to say was thank you to Carmen and Lynn for helping me understand how La Bella works and thank you to La Bella for helping me not give up on losing weight.