I want to say thank you to Lynn Hong for explaining and helping me understand how La Bella could help me with my weight loss. The way I found out about La Bella was my mom. She always drove by but never went in. So one day we went in and Carmen was so helpful and set us up with an appointment with Lynn. When I met Lynn I told her what I had been doing to try to lose weight, and how I wasn’t losing weight, and how it wasn’t that I wasn’t eating healthy or not working out, it’s just that my body needed a little help. After I told her what I had been through she understood me so well, she told me that Venus Freeze, Tri-Action, and i-Lipo would help me. She explained what they would do and how they would help me. Also how if I didn’t want to change the way I eat and didn’t wok out that I would still see a difference in my body. But if I really wanted to lose the weight faster and see it in my body, with working out and eating healthy I would see the results. So for 3 weeks I did all 3 of the things she told me to do and I still worked out and ate healthy. In one month I lost 15 pounds. I couldn’t believe it I was so happy. I took a before and after picture to show myself the hard work I put in. I even sent Lynn a picture of it so she could show people that it works, but in my opinion I think to really see results you have to work out and eat healthy. I’m halfway done with my sessions and I’m still losing weight. All I wanted to say was thank you to Carmen and Lynn for helping me understand how La Bella works and thank you to La Bella for helping me not give up on losing weight.