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If you’re interested in smooth and glowing cheeks but don’t want to change their shape and size, Skinvive™ may be right for you. Now available at La Bella Laser & Slimming in Arcadia, CA, Skinvive™ by Juvederm® is a long-lasting, non-surgical, dermal filler treatment for qualifying clients.

Dr. Chow

Skinvive™ Considerations

During your Skinvive™ consultation with Dr. Jen Chow, he will answer questions you may have about the procedure or treatment and will discuss any safety concerns related to the surgery.

What Is Skinvive™?

Skinvive™ is one of many Juvederm® injectable dermal fillers made with hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a substance already found in the body. Due to its unique chemical composition, HA can absorb large quantities of surrounding water, making it an ideal ingredient in many injectable therapies for creating rejuvenated, younger-looking skin free of minor to moderate wrinkles and fine lines.

However, HA fillers are also well-known for their volumizing qualities, especially when it comes to adding lift and definition to the cheeks. This can be a boon for some clients, but others only want the topical results.

That’s where Skinvive™ comes in. The Skinvive™ formula contains multiple tiny microdroplets of hyaluronic acid gel. These microdroplets are injected between the dermal layers, just below the surface, allowing for increased skin hydration without adding volume underneath.

Am I a Good Candidate for Skinvive™?

Skinvive™ is available for most clients 21 and older of any skin type and tone. During your consultation, one of our well-trained and professional estheticians will examine your medical history and allergies to make sure you are a suitable candidate for Skinvive™.

If you are currently experiencing any of the following, we will likely recommend waiting to receive this treatment:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Acne
  • Sores
  • Rashes

The Skinvive™ Session

If approved for Skinvive™, your session will take place in our relaxing and state-of-the-art medical spa in Arcadia. While Skinvive™ already contains lidocaine, we may also provide a topical numbing cream for extra comfort. After that, a series of Skinvive™ injections are used to meticulously administer the HA microdroplets into the cheek dermal tissue where necessary to obtain your desired results.

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Real Patient Testimonials

Pleased with the treatment. Staff is wonderful and knowledgeable. Having registered nurses doing treatments is reassuring. Definitely would recommend.

Skinvive™ Aftercare

Recovery is typically very minor with this treatment; if anything, most clients report minimal redness, swelling, or itching, which can be mitigated by avoiding alcoholic beverages as well as intense exercise and sunshine for the first 24 hours. On average, clients have no problem scheduling a Skinvive™ session during their lunch break and returning to work immediately after.

The results from most HA injectables are usually near-instantaneous, although occasionally a touch-up appointment may be required. What’s most impressive of all? The effects of Skinvive™ are designed to last six months or longer!

How Much Does Skinvive™ Cost?

The price of your Skinvive™ treatment will depend on the number of injections needed to achieve your aesthetic goals. In addition, the total cost of your treatment plan will change if you decide to combine Skinvive™ therapy with one or more of our other skin care procedures.

Contact Us to Learn More

We’ve already started using Skinvive™ to help scores of clients feel fantastic about the look of their cheeks once again, and now it might be your turn. To get more information about Skinvive™ in Arcadia, CA, contact La Bella Laser & Slimming to schedule your free consultation!

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